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হাসপাতালে ভর্তি ইস্টবেঙ্গলের প্রহ্লাদ | East Bengal Club young Footballer Prohlad Roy was admitted to hospital today from residential camp in Kalyani

The Young & Hardworking midfielder PROHLAD ROY got suddenly ill while practicing at Kalyani for East Bengal today. As the humidity currently is high, it is believed to have taken toll on Prohlad`s body while attending the practice session. East Bengal team is undergoing a conditional (residential) camp at KALYANI since few days.

Prohlad got cramps in his whole body today & then he was rushed to nearby hospital for immidiate treatment. There Prohlad underwent few tests & was given salines to rehydrate. As after few check ups Drs assured there was nothing serious for the young footballer. East Bengal Asst. Secretary and team doctor Dr. Santiranjan Dasgupta said, “His blood, potassium and sodium has been tested. There is nothing to worry about. I have asked the doctors in Kalyani nursing home to continue the saline till today.”.

Prohlad will be brought back to kolkata tommorow for further physical investigations.

While, Mehtab Hossain joined the team after skipping the practice for 2 days due to Viral fever. The Kalyani camp will end by this weekend as per news.
We from the entire EAST BENGAL the REAL POWER Fan Fraternity wishes a speedy recovery for the talented Prohlad & hope him to see fully fit also scoring sensational goals for east Bengal this season.


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