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Do Dong in a traffic jam | In recent years no footballer has created ripples in the hearts of red and gold faithful like Do Dong Hyun

Do Dong in a traffic jam.

In recent years no footballer has created ripples in the hearts of red and gold faithful like Do Dong Hyun. The lad burst into the scene of Kolkata football with two sublime free-kicks against the arch rivals and the tired eyes of millions of fans started to dream again revolving around this new messiah. His style of play, his ability to dodge past defenders at will and most importantly his goals against two of the biggest teams in Kolkata made his an instant hit. The Red & Gold officials promptly announced that they are going for a long term contract with him. But time changed and with time changed the fate of this smiling Korean. An injury followed by off form suddenly changed the colour of perception of the fans and officials. Hitherto the prize catch suddenly started looking like a bad penny.

A spat with the gaffer made the situation worse and Dong was unceremoniously dumped into the sidelines. But again time changed colour and another brace against the arch rivals along with a sublime finish against the eventual champion Bengaluru got the limelight back on this nippy Korean. The much criticized former coach Mr. Bhattachrjee made way for the darling of the fans Mr. Trevor James Morgan. It was thought that Mr. Morgan would be able to use this potent weapon to his advantage and Do Dong will become sharper under the able tutelage of the British-Australian. Before Mr. Morgan left for Australia a Bengali vernacular published his interview where he expressed his satisfaction with the performance of Dong. So far all looked good but suddenly some rumours started circulating in the media as well as in the social networking sites about a certain list given by Mr. Morgan that missed the name of Do Dong. To make matters more confusing the football secretary of the club made it clear that the club does not have any extended contract with Do Dong and if the coach wants the club will release him. The conflicting reports and jugglery of words did not clear the cloud and the fate of the recent sensation in Red & Gold colour now hangs in a balance. Dong himself has expressed his irritation over this mess and now the whole matter looks as muddy as the midfield in a village ground in rainy season.

Now if we release Dong what will happen? First thing it will be an injustice. The boy played his hearts out, gave us the Kolkata league almost single handedly, scored four goals against the arch rivals and those goals are considered very precious in Kolkata. His ability, caliber is unquestionable, He is young and can serve the club for many years. He deserves another year at least.

On the other hand the success of a team must get the supreme importance over the interest of an individual. Football is a science and science does not leave room for sentimentality. If we look closely the style that Mr. Morgan prefers is not very suitable for Dong and if they are forced to gel together will not be advantageous for either of them. Either dong has to change his game or Mr. Morgan has to change his style. It may be better for both of them to part ways.

But again the question arises; what next? If Mr. Morgan can get a suitable replacement for Dong and win the league everyone will be happy. If not this decision may haunt him for the rest of the season.