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East Bengal Club players return with the Fed Cup Trophy | Federation Cup 2010-11 Carried by REAL POWER Members from Airport to East Bengal Tent

What can u feel when the most prestigious thing of your life is beside u and u are sitting with it? Yes, I am talking about the Federation Cup. The uber experience, the feeling, the joy and pride were all mixed together in nerves when I was sitting beside the Federation Cup in the car arranged by Real POWER. The feeling can’t be expressed in words as it was many more than that. A dream came true for me and EAST BENGAL the Real POWER as we all brought the cup to our home, East Bengal Club.

It was a journey that ended after a fortnight with East Bengal Retaining the Federation Cup. On this occasion Real POWER cannot forget the contribution of their member’s hard work. The entire Real POWER team worked hard in Cuttack and in Kolkata during the Federation Cup so that things are already during the event.

Special Thanks to Saumik Dasgupta, for making all arrangements at Cuttack. From making arrangement of Hotels for the East Bengal team to guiding all the members of Real POWER at Cuttack. Also thanks to Sayan Sarkar, Swarnava Chakraborty, Partha Dey, Nabarun Mahalanobis, Suparno Chakraborty for cheering the team at Cuttack. No words are there to express the contribution made by Saumik Dasgupta. Special thanks to Aniruddha Ghosh, Rajib Kundu, Rabi Shankar Sen, Sandipan Chakraborty, Avik Bhattacharyya, Avijit Biswas, Rajarshi Ghosh, Sudipta Chowdhury, Susmit Kar, Partha Das, Samik Banerjee, Rahul Dutta, Pallabika Mallick (Female Member) and Prasenjit Seal for making all the moments special.

Our Real POWER correspondent was with the team right from the start of the journey till the very end. They went to cheer the team with the believe that East Bengal would win the Fed Cup for two years in a row and their belief became exactly true after the tournament. Real POWER then had the honor to take the Federation Cup with them from the airport to the club tent.

The Team arrived at the Airport by Kingfisher Airlines flight at 8:30pm with a huge amount of East Bengal fans gathering outside the Airport with flags, festoons and firecrackers. The fans were having a great time out there. Everyone was dancing with Bengali song “Jiteche Jitbe East Bengal”, the tradition, the rhythm of the fans are still there in every heart. It is a great example that the passion for football is there in Bengal.

Our Real POWER members were present at the Airport to receive the team and we reached there two hours earlier than the scheduled landing of the flight. We were the first to reach there. The entire place was filled with Red and Gold flags, jerseys within an hour of our arrival. The place was looking awesome as every part of the Airport was totally dominated by the colour of Red and Gold. The team arrived at the Airport at 8:30pm and the first man was Trevor Morgan. When the crowd saw his first glimpse, they broke out and cried with joy. The emotions and the pride of the Red and Gold brigade was solely dependent on him and he respected that and took East Bengal to a height that every one of us wanted. East Bengal is a real champion, and will remain there. Morgan made a holy place in each and every Red and Gold fans within two months of his coming.

Each and every player were facilitated with flowers, garlands and memento’s from EAST BENGAL the Real POWER and the trophy was brought by us from the Airport to the car arranged by us. Our members carried the trophy from Airport to the car. Club official Mr. Gopal Ghosh was with us in our car. We left at 9:30pm towards the club to keep the trophy safe and sound where it belonged for a year. It was the most prestigious gift of the puja to us. We arranged three cars and our car, was at the middle with one car ahead of us and one car behind us. Each and every car was covered with Red and Gold flags. I was sitting with the cup by my side. The joy and the emotion could not be controlled and I started crying when I kissed the trophy. Yes, that’s what it really means to us. From the dark and gloomy days of 2008 to a tragic 2010 performance, East Bengal returned in style. The fans knew it, everyone knew it. East Bengal is the best and will remain the best as years pass by.

The sound of Vuvuzela’s and the slogan “THREE CHEERS FOR EAST BENGAL, HIP HIP HURRAY “, was there everywhere as we all cried with all our voice from the Airport to our club gate. Each and every people on the road glimpsed at us and the trophy. EAST BENGAL the Real POWER achieved yet another great dream today. We reached the club by 10:30 and our Real POWER correspondents carried the trophy from the car to our club where it belonged. Our members had a light photo session with the trophy at the club as we all were pretty much excited and so every one of us had a time to do it. After finishing the photo session, we returned home from the club.

The silent presence of Late Arpan was felt by each one of us when we all recaptured the moments that he spent with us last year when we celebrated the Fed Cup triumph. Wherever u are Arpan, be safe. We all remember u from deep within our heart and it’s really hard and painful to detach a body part from your own body and we feel it every moment.