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East Bengal Club Releases the Fourth Foreigner Footballer Chris Payne.

It was just a matter of time after I- League debacle Trevor James Morgan & Warren Hackett resigned from their respective roles, it was Chris Payne who was banished by the Kingfisher East Bengal FC.

This procedure has been a well-known part of East Bengal past two seasons, where Korean recruit Do Dong Hyung was released before I-League campaign & Ildar Amirov was selected to fill in the boots of the Korean , but the Kyrgyz after two outings in I league decided to leave & Chris Payne was signed from Australia . With a great goalscoring spree in 2nd Division A- League Payne was flown overnight before the first derby , but since then he has failed to make his mark & was rather dissappointing in several key matches where absence of Wiliiz Deon Plaza & Wedson Anselme saw Kingfisher East Bengal slipped from I -League 2016-2017 contenders to end up in the 3rd position .

The team management said " He is not fit to adjust to our new system , hence we are resleasing him." This has been an old ailment for the Red & Gold outfit who had faltered while selecting their Asian recruits . In the past Leo Bertos , Allan Gow , Milan Susak , Do Dong Hyung all failed to live up to the desired expectations & East Bengal lost the I League even starting the campaign stronger . It is interesting as the Fed Cup starts from 7th May 2017 who will replace Payne or East Bengal FC will field 3 foreigners instead of four .

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Club News Posted on November 01, 2018

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