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East Bengal Club Renews the Trevor James Morgan Contract For Next Season.

As we see in the game of cricket the 2nd innings is tougher for the players ! As the same thing happened for the british coach of East Bengal.

The 2nd tenure for Trevor James Morgan saw his team not taste a single win over the Shillong Lajong out of 3 matches ! Whithin a span of 16 days of coaching Trevor faced two defeats & 1 draw against the same opposition. The Speculation was high wether the contract would be renewed or not !! But the club officials didn`t change the decision based on 16days,

they approached the man with a new contract for next season(2 years contract). As per sources the australian based british coach accepted the contract with few clauses for inclusion & ommision of players.

With this note we wish Trevor James Morgan lots of success for years ahead !

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