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East Bengal Club ushered in the Bengali New Year or 'Naboborsho' with their traditional 'Bar Puja'

Sticking to their age-old tradition, the city's football giants Mohun Bagan and East Bengal ushered in the Bengali New Year or 'Naboborsho' with their traditional 'Bar Puja' on Wednesday.

It's very auspicious. It's Ist day of Bengalee calendar year. Termed as Poila Baishakh in Bengal.Usually chanted among Bengalees as Subho Nababarsa. Like all other Clubs, business communities, social organizations Kolkata's football fraternity also celebrate this day with Puja and much fun fare.
In Calcutta Maidan, traditionally East Bengal Club 0rganise Bar Puja To inaugurate the football season with a pious mood. In earlier days,both the Clubs Present their teams of the forthcoming season at their respective ground and Sweets were distributed among the members and supporters present at that Time.

But after the changes in the football calendar of the country, mainly due Introduction of National/I- League, it becomes difficult for the clubs to present Their at the ground at that time. But still there is a function in the clubs at least to keep the age old tradition of the club.And for East Bengal, they usually Declare the name of their Captain of the Football team for ensuing season.
In fact, previous year's performances has got a distinct impact on the Gathering of the crowd in the respective club grounds.Actually Goal Post or Bar Post are relaid in the ground after the completion of Bar Puja.

Basically this Puja Is mainly meant for the Different Gods to please them to get the divine grace to get the goals in different matches.Most of the senior officials of the clubs were Present in the occasion to show their solidarity for success of the club in the forthcoming season.

Among this funfare, there are some incidents which hots up the Footballing atmosphere in and around maidan on that very day. In the year 1976, Coach P K Banerjee left East Bengal, keeping aside glorious coaching success in that club,to join arch rival Mohun Bagan with some big names of East Bengal club.

Pandemonium Broke out among East Bengal and Mohun Bagan supporters on the day of Poila Baisakh. Again on 14th April 1985, the day of Poila Baisakh, East Bengal fans were Absolutely astonished to find that two most high profile players of their arch rival Mohun Bagan, namely Krishanu Dey and Bikash Panji are in their club to mentally prepare themselves to wear red and gold jersey in the coming years.

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Club News Posted on November 01, 2018

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