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East Bengal FC Commence their season 2017-2018 in Grand Style.

Just when some assumed 17th July 2017 Monday being the weekday won't be able to attract the avid red & gold supporters, the Leslie Claudius Sarani suddenly lit up with vociferous chants of East Bengal fans just as the Sun came out from behind a thick cloud.

There is a quote " It's calm before the perfect storm". A time when the Indian football along with AIFF has shifted its balance towards the newly introduced cash strapped league ISL & regional clubs are finding it hard to battle it out & stay alive.

The series of events that took place are as follows:-

Panihati Fans & their giant Flags:

There are several fans club of East Bengal hailing from various regions of West Bengal. Today it was Panihati who went on to set the tone for the opening day of the season. With drums & Flags, they created an ambience that Kolkata Maidan is not alien to but their passion was awesome as they carried out waving huge flags orchestrating with drums.

Welcome Khalid Jamil:

As a player whom East Bengal FC was unable to rope in during his Mahindra United days tasted success when Jamil decided to go ahead & coach the Red & Gold giants. Defending I League Champion manager with a team Aizwal FC merely 2 years old participating in India's highest Club Football League, Khalid took the centre stage when he walked out in shorts & white practice jersey, the crowd waved, cheered but the gaffer looked stone cold & focused on his job from day 1. The practice session was even held a bit further from the crowd of journos & fans so that new looked & young East Bengal FC players don't tend to lose their focus or feel the weight on their shoulders. Khalid Jamil is cool as a cucumber & speaks very less off the field . Composure, Discipline & Hard Work defines Khalid Jamil.

From Being Arch Rivals to the Most Loveable Individual:

Miranda Garcia was the name hugely responsible for the success of Arch Rivals Mohun Bagan during the last 3 years.
The team was fit & injury recovery was pretty fast sole reason was Garcia. A smiling face & fitness expert. The first day of the practice session the team went through light jogging & few innovative drills. East Bengal FC would hope Garcia will convert this team into fitter & harder team when they take on sides in hills or beside the sea.

New Boys & lots Of talent:

Though no one can predict what will happen in future. But this East Bengal FC team might be one of the serious contenders for each & every title. With the inclusion of Brandon, Chullova, Costa blended with the likes of Yami, Tetepuia, Mehtab Singh from the youth team that were runners up I - League looked potent & hungry that was missing during the past few years. The boys played with lots of passion & seemed to enjoy their game on the field. No big stars or names might be a blessing in disguise. We have to be patient with this team & then they can deliver us with fruits of success.

Management Looked Focussed from Day 1:

Day 1 the management looked more focussed & determined as Debabrta Sarkar, Manaranjan Da & others. The practice took place under the watchful eyes of the Club Management. Let's hope for the best as Debabrata Sarkar has said he or anyone within the management won't interfere with any decision related to the team as Khalid Jamil will have the full power to stamp his authority.

Ultras & Flairs:

East Bengal Ultras displayed an awesome show for Khalid Jamil & boys when they recited chants combined with flairs & smokes. They were placed just behind the goal & Khalid & Boys looked happy & pleased with such a kind of reception.


Last but not the least EBRP did what they are used to during the past 7 years. Welcoming New Coach in Style with a Banner displaying message BELIEF BEYOND REASON. The message was appreciated by coaching staffs & players when they were jogging with support staffs & Garcia. All the players including new ones were welcomed with an open Letter A Fan's Verdict that contained a small summary of East Bengal FC & its culture. Flowers Red & Gold Roses were distributed among the players & support staffs. With a special memento was presented to Miranda Garcia & Khalid Jamil as a token of their new & tough assignments.

At the end, we team EBRP will always be behind our team & support staffs devoid of the results. Even under huge pressure or a bad day at office, We will always be by your side, Khalid Jamil & Boys ...........
Joy East Bengal