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EBRP Disclose Fake Reporting By Reputed Daily.

Kolkata, 29 December 2016 A time when the Indian Football is passing by a lot of turmoil with AIFF & regional clubs locked in a cold war, with several Goan clubs and their football associations bowing out from I-League, ISL gaining a lot of limelight through AIFF with electronic media also playing their part. As these were not enough until now reputed electronic media publishes fake news against East Bengal F.C. & their coach Trevor James Morgan (TJM).

It all started today at the morning practice session where the maximum of the squad was present to shed their sweat and prepare for the upcoming I-League. EBRP (Media team & members) was present on the ground to cheer up the team. To furbish the truth we are hereby providing a detailed report with time so that fake media houses should be aware not to publish rubbish against our mother club.
8:15 am - TJM took the field with his boys.
8:15 am - 8:45 am - TJM with his boys were busy carrying out one touch & different drills.
9:00 am - Journalists were present.
9:15 am - TJM asked Mehtab Hossain to convey Photo Journalist not to film (video) anything.
9:17 am - An East Bengal official asked one of the photo journalists not to film(video) who was up in the stands already (Aryan Club). The person was not instructed by the gaffer directly to leave the field.The Media person then replied to the club official that " I would still be paid even if I don't shoot" (on a lighter note)
9:20 am - The photojournalist even after the request kept the Video Camera on the tripod & he was asked to put his stuff (Video Camera & Tripod) inside.
9:30 am - TJM calls it the end of the today's practice, he never spoke with any media person directly nor did he stopped the practice for a single minute.

Here is the full summary that conveys and concludes that the practice session was never stalled or interrupted by the Gaffer. He didn't even bother to chase down the Photo Journalist to the stands and ask them to stop shooting. After the practice session, a senior club official urged all the journalists that from next day they would be allowed to shoot for the first 15 minutes with their cameras.

A time when Indian local clubs needed support from different media houses they are busy creating fake reports to implant negative vibes among supporters. The Media house should come out with an explanation and apology or else We would request our ardent East Bengal fans to display wrath against them. I would also request club officials to filter Media and allow those who publish genuine and unbiased news.

From time to time EBRP has come forward in crisis situations, when all odds were against us and would do the same in future.


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