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Evaluation of East Bengal Football Club Players 2015-2016 by Satyaki Das

Rehnesh : Bright Start but lost favor with previous coach. Excellent in reflex saves but has work to do with floaters from wings.

Overall: Must Retain.

Luis Barreto : Little to blame on whatever chances he received. High point was Jeje penalty save to win the Derby. Age is not in favor. Not a good leader of defense.

Overall: May be disposed.

Abhra Mondal : Completely wasted with very little opportunity. Team management should allow him to leave for his own sake. Overall: Should be disposed.

Dibyenduc: Very impressive in Bangladesh; must become the 2nd GK if we are to develop him for future.

Overall: Must retain

Overall : Retain: Rehnesh and Dibyendu. Get another young keeper like Subham or alike.

Rahul Bheke : Impressed with offensive ability in CFL. Exposed for defensive play in i-League. Needs improvement in defensive ability.

Overall: Retain or replace

Samad : One of the youngsters, who got adequate chance and moderately impressive. Needs overall improvement. Potential to develop into future star.

Overall: Must Retain

Deepak Mondal : Played mostly in the front part of the season but showed signs of aging. As EB Legend in his own right. Time to hang up the boots.

Overall: Should be disposed.

Arnab Mondal : One of the most high workload players who played in anything and everything under the Sun and showed signs of burn out. Unless he rationalizes his exposure, we may see this great defender to decline very soon.

Overall: Retain – but need to limit exposure

Belo : Played well within his limitations. Minor blemishes in few occasions and looked suspect in aerial balls. Was good in the ground and played his hearts’ out. Time to question whether we are OK with a 75 off 100 foreigner OR we need a 90 off 100 like Uga in full form. There is risk associated with bringing someone new – and it can turn out to be 60-65 off 100 like Susak. But we will need to take this chance.

Overall: Replace.

Babu Mondal : Wasted resource. Did not get a look after impressive season. Verdict to come from coaching management based on practice performance and work ethics.

Overall: Unknown

Kaushik : Never got any games. But with National call up under belt, may become a future star:

Overall: Must Retain.

Gurwinder Singh : Injured and missed the season. At his age and fame, it is a waste to have him warm the bench.

Overall: Should be disposed.

Narayan Das : An automatic choice in India XI failed to impress the team management and cement a first XI place. Niggles and Red Card did not help. But he is young, and is probably one of the best that India has.

Overall: Must Retain

Saumik : As usual played with heart, though ability is diminishing. Exposed badly against the pace of Udanta Singh. Overall: Should be disposed.

Robert : For someone who have been with the squad for almost 6-7 years and yet failed to become the number 1 choice; shows that he is not going to be a differentiating factor.

Overall: Should be disposed.

Overall: Retain: Bheke, Samad, Arnab, Babu, Kaushik, Narayan. Bring: New Foreigner, New left back [2nd choice], and new Indian stopper [star]. Evaluate Bheke & Babu hard and replace if a suitable alternative is available.

Sanju : Remained ever potential. Still has some pace but extremely inaccurate in delivering.

Overall: Should be disposed.

Tulunga : Another EB Legend in own right who need to hang up his boots with his head held high. A tremendous performed who deserves a standing ovation.

Overall: Should be disposed.

Do Dong : Evaluation not needed. Overall: Must retain

Khabra : A season marred with family issue and then with injury. He is yet to retain full fitness, but must be having a few more good years in him.

Overall: Must retain

Mehtab : The aging war horse and would have loved to see him being outdone by younger guns. Sadly, that did not happen.

Overall: Retain but develop alternative. Must not be the 1st choice next season.

Sehnaz : Came with a lot of expectation and started well in 1st game but went downhill ever since. Has the quality but need serious improvement on attitude to the game.

Overall: Retain

Jairu : Evaluation not needed. Overall: Must retain

Dika : Returning from injury and did not have enough time in the middle. Team Management must decide on “return on investment” with Jairu coming so strong.

Overall: Unknown

Avinash : Impressive in patches and scorer of the Goal of the Season. Overall: Must Retain

Lobo : Terribly underutilized in the season. Grapevine says that he is leading a life of self-destruction, some of which is showing in his physique. Over last 3 years, he has been brilliant in patches, and never performed in great level in two consecutive game.

Overall: Needs an extremely hard look. Is retained, has to mend his ways or else should be disposed.

Abhinabo Bag : Impressive in Bangladesh. But not looked up to otherwise.
Overall: Retain

Mendy : With his price tag, much better was expected. Underperformed.

Overall: Replace

Proloy : Probably not an U-22 anymore next year, and can be a filler. Depends on whether he has mend his way.

Overall: Team management decision

Overall: Retain: Khabra, Do Dong, Mehtab, Sehnaz, Jairu, Abinash, Abhinabo. Borderline: Dika, Lobo. Bring: New foreigner CAM or box to box medio, new Right Out, new Indian box to box medio or CAM depending on foreigner.

Ranty Martins : He once more became the highest scorer and came head and shoulder above others in dedication. Question is – is he on his downward curve? Can a take on defenders and beat them hands down? Will he be able to play as lone striker?

Overall: Only coach can tell if his style will suit his game plan, but if playing single striker is the option; he is not the right person.

Joaquim : Nothing new to deliver. Overall: Should be disposed.

Sabeeth : Got very little chance to settle into any rhythm.

Overall: Retain but at best as 3rd choice

Jiten Murmu : Yet to make any mark in National Level.

Overall: If we need to build team sans fillers, he does not have a place.

Overall: Retain: Sabeeth as 3rd choice. New foreigner, new India striker (2nd choice).


Rehnesh, Dibyendu, New GK, Bheke (or potential replacement), Samad, Arnab, new foreigner, new Indian stopper / Babu, Kaushik, Narayan, New Right Back, Khabra, Do Dong, Mehtab, Sehnaz, Jairu, Abinash, Abhinabo, new Right Out, new foreigner & Indian B2B MF or CAM, new Foreign Striker, new Indian Striker, Sabeeth – that should be my 24 member squad. I will like to see a compact squad with more budget towards truly impactful foreigners.

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