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Huge Emotional Outpouring at First Day Practice 2016-2017 of East Bengal Club at Howrah Municipal Corporation Stadium

East Bengal has started their first practice of the season today at Howrah Moidan and to mark the occassion in grand style,a great number of supporters filled up the stands.

Despite the absence of foreign recruits,there was no dearth of enthusiasm from supporters who made early morning visit to witness their favorite team in action.Throughout the practice session,they sang song,waved flag,lit firework.After the practice session,supporters requested their beloved Morgan sir to win the elusive I League this season.

EAST BENGAL the REAL POWER Members greeted TJM @ Howrah Municipal Corporation Stadium at First Day of Practise Session 2016-2017

New assistant coach Dryden also got swayed by such powerful show of emotion n promised a strong performamce on pitch.

Tonight two foreigners are arriving Kolkata to join the team. However, there is no news about Wedson Anselme. The chief coach also could not confirm his arrival. “Tonight Dong and Calum Angus are coming. I don’t know when I will get Wedson. I am not sure about that”, said Morgan.

Along with Do Dong and Calum Angus Goanese goalkeeper Luis Barreto also did not join the practice today. However, this time Gurwinder Siingh is practicing with the team from the beginning. Previous year he was absent due to injury. Morgan said, “He is a very good defender. Previous year he could not play. His presence is very important because he is one of the vital players.”

Morgan today promised to give his best to win the I-league. “That is a different type of tournament than Kolkata league. In between Kolkata League and I-League there is ISL. I know there is huge expectation. I can try what I can try. I will give my best”, said Trevor James Morgan.

The chief coach today confirmed that there will be different team for Futsal League 2016. He said, “This team is not participating in the Futsal League. That is a different kind of game. But the team will be practicing at Kalyani in the residential camp there at that time”.

Apart from a huge number of supporters former Indian winger Syed Rahim Nabi went to witness the first day practice of the East Bengal players.

REAL POWER wishes Coach Trevor James Morgan and his boys ‘A Great Season ahead’ on 1st day Practice 2016-2017