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I-League winning Coach to sit in Kingfisher East Bengal FC’s sideline.

Khalid Jamil, who won the I-League for the corporate club Aizwal FC, has today signed for the Kolkata Giant, Kingfisher East Bengal. A few weeks before East Bengal official, Mr. Debabrata Sarkar along with footballer Alito D’ Cunha had a talk with Khalid Jamil in Mumbai. He also had an offer from the Mohun Bagan officials and he was also unsure of his career at a Kolkata Giant.

But today in the afternoon, Khalid Jamil stepped in Kolkata and came for a visit at the East Bengal Club ground. He visited the Club turf, trophy-room and was happy to see the infrastructure and signed a contract of rupees 1 crore and 25 lakhs, per year for a couple of seasons. Late in the evening, Aizwal’s I-League winning coach Khalid Jamil has been officially declared as the Coach of Kingfisher East Bengal Club for a couple of seasons.

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Club News Posted on September 28, 2018

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