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Its unfair for Tata and Jindal's Bengaluru FC | Tata Steel and Jindal Steel were informed by AIFF/IMGR that ISL is going to become the League-1 of India from this year itself.

Analysis By :: Sanjoy Choudhuri; Member, EAST BENGAL the REAL POWER

AFC's recent decision to officially recognise ISL as the League-2 of India instead of  League-1 may hurt the brand aspirations of  the 2 new ISL clubs owned by Tata Steel and Jindal Steel. I believe before proposal submission, representatives of Tata Steel and Jindal Steel 
were informed by AIFF/IMGR that ISL is going to become the League-1 of India from this year itself.

Till last year ISL was an unofficial event and was no doubt the most glamorous football event in India. So , there could have been no comparison with the official I-League.However, from now on both the two Leagues are official and AFC has officially assigned Rank-1 to I-League.This can seriously hurt the brand image of Tata Steel and Jindal Steel. Both these two companies have an international business model and its very important for them to be associated with Top entities , officially as well as public opinion wise. In the world of Indian movies if ISL is now the glamorous Filmfare Award then the I-League is the National Movie Award. No doubt the later one is theoretically much more prestigious.

It would be fair if AIFF-IMGR now provides an option to these 2 clubs to join the I-League instead of ISL. AFC has made it clear that within possibly 1 year AIFF need to consolidate the two leagues. AIFF-IMGR had initially thought that they can easily dispose the I-League and crown ISL as the formal League-1 of India.After AFC's recent mandate, probably from next year the ISL clubs would join the I-League and the new league would either get a new brand name or else AIFF would retain the brand name I-league,

So, it makes sense for AIFF/IMGR to provide an option to these two steel clubs to join the I-League this season and then continue in the Consolidated League from next year onwards. In that way, on pen and paper , Tata Steel and Jindal Steel would not get formally associated with the 2nd division league of India and that too after paying 15 crore INR.

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