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Mohun Bagan Cocah Sanjoy Sen Banned By AIFF Discplinary Comittee.

The All India Football Federation has banned I-league winning Mohunbangan coach Mr. Sanjoy Sen for making defamatory statements against AIFF. He has been slapped with a fine of Rs 10 lakh and has been banned for 8 matches .

The incident occured during Mohunbagan's AFC home campaign against Tampine Rovers, when Sen asked the AIFF to reschedule an i-league match in order to give some rest to his players in between the matches. But the apex football body turned down his appeal which resulted in Sen terming AIFF as " sold out ".

"Mr. Sanjoy Sen, Head Coach, Mohun Bagan, is charged for making derogatory statements against AIFF. Sanjoy Sen, is suspended for 8 (eight) matches & a fine of Rs. 10 Lakhs is imposed on him as provided in Article 58 of the AIFF Disciplinary Code," the AIFF stated in a release.

The decisions were taken by the federation's disciplinary committee which met at the Football House here

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