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My First Love is East Bengal, Japanese Samurai Katsumi Yusa Opens up in front of EBRP.

 Somewhere in Kolkata a sultry afternoon team EBRP made a visit to Katsumi Yusa's place for awarding him with the "EBRP Fan's Choice Player of The Month, Katsumi had emerged victorious for the consecutive months (Jan-Feb, Feb-March).

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The door opened greeting us with a big smile as we were disappointed to be late due to traffic. He welcomed us into his flat & asked us to settle down, we were equally embarrassed to have disturbed him during his lunch, he replied with a smile "Don't worry I will finish off very quickly". While consuming his spaghetti noodles (prepared by him) & a glass of fruit juice he started interacting with us.
Q: Your thoughts & feelings after being voted as the best player of East Bengal FC for the consecutive months?
Katsumi : "I feel very proud & want to thank EBRP for carrying out such an initiative. I also want to thank each & every East Bengal fan for showing their love for me even after I had switched from the rivals after spending so many years".
Q: What are the chances of East Bengal FC lifting the Super Cup?
Katsumi : "Super Cup is a very tough tournament as I-League sides will clash against ISL franchise teams with quality & expensive foreign recruits, but the game will be an even one with Mumbai City FC. We will try and give 100% on the field."
Q: Whom do you want to dedicate this award?
Katsumi : A big smile & then he replied: " I want to dedicate this award to my family (wife & little daughter)".
Q: Do you still repent for slipping out on the I - League title or loosing to arch-rivals in both the derbies?
Katsumi : After a big gasp he replied "Of course failing to win the I-League was most painful, we could have won it easily this year but in some matches, we gave away last minute goals & that made the difference in the final table standings. Loosing to Bagan in both the legs was also painful still, I want to win it next season in the red and gold colors."
Q: A news has been going rounds in the past few days that you are going to reunite with our arch-rivals again. Is it true?
Katsumi : He replied shaking his head & with a smile of disbelief " I have a contract till 31st May 2018, till then I am an East Bengal FC player, after completing the season I would like to sit down with club officials & my agent to discuss my contract. I want to play for this club, East Bengal FC will be my first choice even ISL franchisee clubs doesn't excite me, during my stint in ISL with North East United I felt that this league is a kind of festival where players amalgamate & play for franchisee's with null expectation, winning or losing a game does not induce pressure within the player's. I feel lack of motivation & challenge apart from big clubs in Kolkata where if you lose a match you receive abuse from the fan's and after winning a game the same bunch of fan's bestows immense love."
Q: The new Technical Director & one of the club legends Mr. Subhas Bhowmick has appointed you as one of the dressing room captains along with Eduardo & Amna. Your thoughts on this decision?
Katsumi : "Well he is a wise man & knows Indian football very well. He understands the need of matured heads within the dressing room to maintain equilibrium in the team. If I were a young recruit & lacked playing experience in India would have been a squad player only, but due to experience & performance over the years the TD's decision is sensible to hold the team together & nullify loose ends".
Q: Your favorite Indian food?
Katsumi : "Butter Chicken".
The midfield wizard signed off & thanked EBRP for their unconditional love & innovative events to honor players during the current turmoil within the club.