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Ranti Martins knocks East Bengal a punch before leaving the City & Club

The word ‘ CHANGE’ & ‘EAST BENGAL CLUB’ is synonymous now-a-dayz. New inslusion in the ‘change’ list is the reliable no.10 of East Bengal Club Mr. Ranti Martins Soleye.

Ranti Martins tenure with EAST BENGAL ended suddenly ! As at the end of the season Ranti adressed the press at his residence & blasted the East Bengal officials due to their disgraceful behaviour towards him after the season end. The nigerian showed his decent by saying he expected lot more from the officials because he score more than 50% of the team`s goals tally for the club (both seasons).

He was the Highest goal scorer twice playing for the kolkata giants twice (2014-15 & 2015-16). Ranti said infront of the press that we won`t renew his contract with EAST BENGAL. As per Ranti he does have many offers from different clubs in India & clubs outside also. He have some his share of trophy with the Kolkata Giants as he won the Kolkata League twice with them & notedly appeared for the Finals of Bangladesh Tournament in 2015. Ranti did play his soul out for East Bengal during his stint. Infact he scored 4 times in the derby within 2 years ! But the man didn`t won the much awaited I-League for East Bengal !

Before ending the press conference Ranti though quoted Armando Colaco as his Godfather in India & he would be for his life or career in India !
Ranti kept his options open for signing any other club but talking about Colaco it seems like Dempo returning to 1st Division (likely) would see Ranti dawning the Blue jersey again !

We would say “Good Bye Ranti” & “BEST OF LUCK” for his future ahead.

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Club News Posted on November 01, 2018

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