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REAL POWER Celebrated Cavin Lobo’s Birthday along with East Bengal Club Player Romeo Fernandes & Rowllin Borges @Cavin Lobo’s Residence.

It is a slogan that every East Bengal Supporters are aware of…”wherever East Bengal goes, East Bengal The Real POWER follows” following this tradition Real POWER members were present in every part of the world where the Red & Gold brigade was present.

However, along with this tradition, Real POWER members are following another new tradition, “Players need supporter’s presence more than their presents”, feeling this emotion Real POWER Members today celebrated the attacking midfielder Cavin Lobo birthday at his residence.

A bell rings in Cavin Lobo’s apartment. He opens the door to find a heap of Red and Gold shirts standing to shout out loud, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wedson!!!”

Surprised with the sudden turnout and by the energy of the Real POWER members, Cavin Lobo, Romeo Fernandes & Rowllin Borges felt delighted.

Cavin Lobo said that his aim is to win I League for East Bengal. He only asked the supporters to have patience.

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