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Tata Football Academy win 4-1 against Salgaocar F.C 120th LG IFA Shield (U-19)

Tata Football Academy bagged the blasting victory as they perished Salgaocar F.C in the 3rd match of the 120th LG IFA Shield (U-19)2015-16 by scoring 4-1 at Kalyani stadium. Man of the match Md.Firoz Khan of T.F.A (no.29) hit the 1st kick into the goalpost(34 mins) followed by the 2nd goal scored Subham Ghosh(no.24) in the 2nd half (52mins)of the match. Mobashir Rahman(no.32)of T.F.A scored the 3rd goal(70 mins).

Surprisingly Rowaldo Oliveira (no.40) earned the 1st goal of Salgaocar F.C (91 mins) and came back into the match though they failed as Seino Kuki(no.34) kicked the 4th and the winning goal(92 mins) and registered the victory.

Tata Football Academy 4 - 1 Salgaocar F.C

(Md.Firoz Khan,Subham Ghosh,Mobashir Rahman,Seino Kuki) (Rowaldo Oliveira)

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