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TV Coverage Promotion dilemma of AIFF / IMGR - I-League vs ISL | I-League must be broadcast on the Star Sports

TV coverage / promotion dilemma of AIFF / IMGR - I-League vs ISL

Lets now analyse the marketing promotion and TV coverage aspects of ISL and I-League which can place AIFF IMGR in a tight corner -

1) ISL and I-League are now both recognised by AFC but AFC considers I-League as the League-1 of India and considers ISL as the League-2 of India.
It doesn't matter what everyone thinks or what the reality is, AFC considers I-League to be of superior status than the ISL.

2) IMGR and AIFF both have contractual obligations to operate the ISL and I-League.

So, AIFF and IMGR now needs a strong reason to provide better TV coverage and marketing promotion to ISL in comparison to I-League. Either AIFF / IMGR should provide more importance to I-League or else they have to provide equal importance to both the leagues. If AIFF / IMGR decides to choose anything different then they need to come up with a formal explanation and be ready to explain the same to the AFC

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