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Willis Deon Plaza Signed the Dotted Lines On Monday For East Bengal.

Plaza was instrumental for the Red & Gold when they were at the top of the table after the 1st Round of I-League.

Plaza caught eyes of everyone for his swift skills & sudden acceleration. Trinidad & Tobago striker was the key man in the attacking line-up till he suffered an injury which led him out of action for crutial matches.

The 29 year old striker also had a disastrous return leg Derby, as he was red carded leaving his team down by 1 man for more than 30mins. Plaza was critizised for his lazy attitude & casual approach towards his club last year around. But no one questioned about his goal scoring ability may that be with both the feets or by head ! But newly appointed coach Khalid Jamil was stubborn about signing Plaza as he said with proper guidance the lanky striker would be lethal again.

As East Bengal already signed Mahmoud Al-Amnah (syrian) ahead of Calcutta League , this would be their 2nd foreigner signing. Hopefully Khalid Jamil would able to use Plaza's ability to the greatest.


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