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www.EBRP.in Re-Launched its new look Website with Mobile Optimised in its 10th Birthday

By now most of us are aware that EBRP celebrated its 10th Birthday on 15th November at East Bengal club premise. We are elated to announce that our "Mobile Optimized" EBRP Website was Re-Launched by Sammy Omelo, Harmanjyot Singh Khabra, Bello Razzaq and our South Korean sensation Do Dong Hyun.

We request the East Bengal Club Fans to log into www.EBRP.in​ and give their feedback about the website, specially from their mobile.

If you see any issue, take a print screen and send your feedback to :- eastbengaltherealpower@gmail.com

Your valuable feedback would help us to iron out the issues and make the website the best in its category.

The journey that started as a small bud has now lasted over a decade and continues to grow. In last 10 years many things has been achieved, many landmarks crossed and many ‘firsts’ achieved. But it is the spirit of the EBRPians that makes it different. People joins the bandwagon not knowing anyone - and soon finds many life-long friends and shares the common interest.

Like several of its past milestones - EBRP revealed its brand new upgraded website i.e

{{ www [dot] eastbengaltherealpower [dot] com
www [dot] EBRP [dot ] in }} in the 10th Birthday of EBRP on 15th NOV 2015.

There are some portions of the Website, for which work is still in progress, showing “Coming Soon” and it would take some time to complete it fully as EBRP members are dedicating their time from their own busy schedule to literally build the website brick by brick, page by page. We are trying to complete the entire website before I-League commences.

Work in also ongoing on a Mobile APPs that suits both I-Phone and Androids. This will be a another landmark reached - and will provide an umbrella under which all East Bengal fans will be able to get up-to-date information on the club.

Such a massive amount of work needs people and support from many. Your EBRP needs your help. A few sections of the website is still to be completed. YOU CAN HELP. If you are great at PHOTOSHOP or you know Web Design OR interested in working on the website, please write below in the comment and email [eastbengaltherealpower@gmail.com] We will get in touch with you.

EBRP - as it stands now - is because of tireless effort and field work of many people. Let us take a moment to appreciate their tireless and voluntary effort.

As we continue the journey, YOU can help. It is our mutual responsibility to make this website best, and it is our responsibility to keep updating ourselves so that we remain the No. 1 fan forum of India.